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Joel van Houten

Ambitious and studious are perhaps the two best words to describe me. During my study I started freelancing. I would make small websites for startups, and a build on my own concepts.

In 2007 I got an internship at Emesa known for & This relation worked out so good that I started a fulltime job right after my internship. In this way I could gain a lot of knowledge in addition to my study. Especially in the e-commerce and leisure branch.

After my study, I was promoted to team lead of the design department within the marketing department. Marketing appealed to me so much so that I started a home study commercial economics. Unfortunately I had to stop this study after two years.

After six years at Emesa having experienced an incredible growth, from 15 to 200 + FTE, it was time for another challenge. I found that challenge in the form of VoucherCompany ( ) Now I am responsible for the marketing from Affiliates, Google Adwords, Email, and Social / Facebook marketing.

Being the first and only marketeer whitin the company, I started looking at the data we had about the customers and started to set up multiple campaigns in differnt channels to create a bigger audience. Now that we had a bigger reach its was time for a transition to a new CRM platform. With this new tool we are able to automate some of our marketing efforts according to the customers spending, platform and position in their customer life cycle.

Graduated Corderius College
Internship Emesa
Start freelancing
Full-time Job Emesa
Graduated Multimedia academy
Ended LOI Commercial economics
Exit Emesa - Start VoucherCompany

Email marketing


Facebook marketing


Google Adwords


Affiliate Marketing


Frontend development



What i do

Don't do marketing as if it's the year 2010. I use the technology we currently have, to tell your story to the people that you want to reach in the way they want to recive it.

Fish where the fishes are

I make sure you reach your clients when and where you want them. Sure it cool to see your company's name on a huge billboard. But if your customers is looking at their mobilephone or tablet while walking by, you wasted your time and money.

Functional design

There are tons of case studies that can tell you how you should design your website. Which colors you should use, or what the best call to action is. The truth is, that it is all depending on your product and your customers.

Mobile First

Between 10% and 25% of the traffic accidents happen because people are obsest with there mobile device. Your customers are on there. Not just an hour a day. They are there constantly. I can help you reach them.

Target, evaluate, target

Privacy is a big issue nowadays. This is partly because we know so much about people and of their behaviors. Make sure you do aswell otherwise your are putting your time and money in the wrong people.

540.000 Total Facebook pagelikes

40 hours a week available

20 + Website's developed

6.000.000 Email addresses gathered

8 Prices won

35.000 + Ads created on facebook

The reason we love our parents is because they loved us first. Every single company should take this advice.


Don't take just my word for it. Here are some results.


Source: Socialbakers

We are now #9 within the e-commerce Facebook communities and we reached on a average week over 1.3 million people through the Facebook ads.



In the last 8 years I set up numerous of eCRM campaigns. In this time we collected more than 6.000.000 contact details.


Source: Daisycon -> Campaigns -> Overview

In the last two years I set up different campaigns in Daisycon. We are now the #1 best scoring advertiser.



Of course all the marketing efforts are supported by more than 10.000 keywords in google adwords

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Joel van Houten

Binnen de Veste 72

Amersfoort, 3811PJ

+31 (0)6 14 40 11 79